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This charming Tangled Web Decorative Bowl With Gold Lustre has been designed and handcrafted in London. Made from fine white earthenware,  the mini bowl features a wonderful mess of random lines criss-crossing and interweaving into one another forming a filigree lace-like appearance complemented by a lustrous off-white gloss glaze and gold lustre on the rim. 


The three dimensional bowl will add a touch of elegance to your home no matter where you place it. It will also make a great gift idea for Christmas, wedding, anniversary, birthday or special days. 


Also available without the gold lustre rim in various sizes:

- Tangled Web Decorative Bowl - Small

- Tangled Fragment Decorative Bowl - Large

Tangled Web Decorative Bowl - Extra Large


Origin: Made In Britain

Dimensions: 4cm (H) X 8cm (W)

Material: Ceramic

Colour: White

Sustainability: Handmade


Tangled Web Decorative Bowl With Gold Lustre - Small

  • Our award-winning designer-maker spends endless hours designing and crafting these unique and stylish pieces in her studio in London. Inspired by nature and her natural surroundings, our artisan's work of art is predominantly white to create an elegant collection of beautiful pieces that don't disappoint. Her signature ‘tangled’ pattern incorporates lines of delicate white earthenware clay layered to construct a three-dimensional filigree skeleton structure of decaying autumn leaves and tangled spider's web. 

    We love the uniqueness of our artisan's products and her creativity that defies the conventions of traditional ceramics. It is definitely one of our top products to take home.