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At Made In B, we are committed to sourcing the best of ethical products and gifts and operate with the highest ethical standards. Our focus is to ensure each item is sourced with high quality sustainable materials and produced through ethical practices. 


We love our trees and precious oceans and make great efforts in avoiding use of plastics and papers that cannot be recycled. And where these are used by our suppliers, we encourage them to switch to eco-friendly and recyclable materials.


We are working on reducing packaging as much as possible. This is why, you will find that our packaging is simple and has used minimal amounts of material, where possible. We even  re-use the cardboard boxes and packaging material used to pack our goods from our suppliers  in order to cut down on creating new packaging. We encourage you to recycle all packaging.


We endeavour to support the dying arts and the local art communities by promoting artisans who have been keeping traditional craft skills alive generation after generation. This is why you may find that some of the products have limited stock as these may be handcrafted and take painstaking effort and time to create a masterpiece using non-contemporary, traditional methods.


We identify and encourage artisans from every nook and corner of the continent, some of whom may be emerging creative talents who put creativity and sustainability at the center of everything they do.


We are learning as we go, and we hope to incorporate high standards of ethical practices in every area of our business.


We believe that together, through our daily actions, we can create a more sustainable future. Help us be a part of it.


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