Origin: Made in Bhutan

Colours: Multi-colour

Dimensions: 85 x 45cm (approx.)

Material: Silk on cotton

Sustainability: Handwoven, Eco-material


This striped table runner has been handwoven by artisans in the remote Himalayan country of Bhutan. The table runner is characterised by a traditional Bhutanese design featuring striped colourful vertical bands and motifs. Inspired by the Buddhist colours, and the table runner brings a smart yet informal look to any table.


This table runner is handwoven using cotton and vegetable dyed yarn and shiny silk threads that give it a luxurious appeal. 


Such table runners are commonly seen in Bhutanese homes. An exclusive item to take home or gift to anyone who love and appreciate natural, handwoven products.

Handwoven Striped Table Runner

  • This traditionally designed fabric has been made by local woman artisans of rural Bhutan. 

  • This fabric is handwoven using a traditional back strap loom. It is made using Indian cotton and vegetable dyed silk yarn. The yarns are often dyed at home using onion skin, madder, walnut skin and rhododendron flowers.


    Purchasing this products will help support artisans as well as enable them to develop their skills.