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These luxurious Beige/Gold Splendour notecards are handmade from recycled cotton, a by-product of Bharat (India's) huge garment industry. The intricate design is reminiscent of ancient wooden carvingsgiving each card a unique and timeless appeal. Featuring a unique fibrous texture, as is characteristic of handmade papers, its spectacular intertwining gold paisley motifs against a light background adds to its rich and luxurious design.


Whether for thank you notes, invitations, or simply jotting down a thoughtful message, these notecards are sure to leave a lasting impression.


Origin: Made In Bharat 


  • Notecards 13 x 9 cms folded
  • Envelope 13.3 x 9.3 cms

Sustainability: Eco-friendly, Recycled, Handmade



Beige/Gold Splendour Notecards


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