Origin: Made In Bharat 

Quantity: 2 designs

Design: Triangle Flower & Round Flower Motifs

Dimensions: 16.5cm x 21.5 x 9cm

Sustainability: Handmade, Eco-friendly


These unique-textured, eco-friendly gift bags with satin ribbon handles and tags have been handmade by our artisans in enchanting Bharat (India). Made in the exotic state of Rajasthan, the eye-catching gift bags  are made from recycled cotton waste using a environmentally friendly and pollution-free processes. The bags feature beautiful round and triangle motifs and intricate detailing in gold against an ivory colour background, giving the gift bag a luxurious finish.


The gift bags are great for small presents. Perfect for Christmas and other festivities, birthday, wedding or anniversary gifts. 


Gift wrapping papers available in similar intricate pattern.

Handmade Paper Gift Bags - Ivory (Set of 2)

  • These gift wraps are handmade by artisans in Jaipur, the royal city of palaces in the state of Rajasthan.  The designs on the gift wraps have been created  by a young female entrepreneur with a great flair for design and creativity.

  • Jaipur is a centre for handmade paper production and the industry provides thousands of jobs in and around the city. The artisans creating these products are not only supported through regular income from the work but are also given the opportunity to learn new skills and keep this art form alive. 


    The paper is made from recycled cotton waste using a environmentally-friendly and pollution-free processes.