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Origin: Made in Bhutan

Dimensions: 35.5cm x 27cm (approx.)

Material: Cotton & Silk

Sustainability: Handwoven, Eco-material


This handy fabric folder or file has been handmade by our artisans in Bhutan. It features a classic Bhutanese striped pattern which is handwoven on a traditional back strap loom using Indian cotton and vegetable-dyed silk yarns. 


Unique and multi-functional, this handy organizer / folder features inner pockets to hold your stationery and a zipper that ensures all your documents and essential items are safely placed inside. Its colourful design adds an extra splash of colour and style to something so simple. Made from mixed silk and cotton its unique design is sure to be appreciated.


Use it to keep your important documents at home or in the office, or even at University. 


Purchasing this product will help support our artisans as well as enable them to develop their skills.


Handmade Fabric Folder

  • This product has been handwoven by women textile weavers in the Kingdom of Bhutan. 

  • The product has been individually handcrafted using traditional skills and techniques. The yarns used in the making of the item are often dyed at home using onion skin, madder, walnut skin and rhododendron flowers.