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This handmade and hand-painted papier maché Atsara mask has been made by artisans in Bhutan. The Atsara mask features high cheekbones, a large hooked nose, a large mouth with large protruding and a shaven head in stunning red papier maché. 


Atsara is derived from the Sanskrit word 'acharya' or teacher or 'drubthob' in Dzongkha, the local language of Bhutan. Atsaras are often seen at colourful religious Bhutanese festivals or 'tshechus', as the clown figures who entertain the crowd. Teasing and provoking the crowd and the deities, they bring life and laughter to the ritual dances. Their ludicrous behaviour reminds the faithful to remain merry and free from all worries and problems, reinforcing the ideals of Vajrayana Buddhism.


The papier maché mask will make a unique gift and home décor as a beautiful wall hanging to decorate those bare walls.  Why not combine with the Hand-painted Atsara Bhutanese Mask to complete the set.


Thank-you for supporting artisans in Bhutan.


Origin: Made In Bhutan

Material: Papier Maché  (papier-mâché)

Sustainability: Handmade, Handpainted

Handmade Atsara Papier Mâché Mask


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