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This exotic hand-painted traditional Bhutanese mask in blue has been handmade in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Representing the wrathful protector deity, Mahakala, the papier mache mask features a ‘crown’ consisting of five skulls, a ‘third eye’ on the forehead, a large, open mouth with protruding teeth, as well as a beard. A unique and beautiful wall hanging to decorate those bare walls.


Larger versions of these hand-painted and richly decorated masks are often used during religious festivals or 'Tshechus', a colourful annual Buddhist festival. During the festival, masked dancers perform a traditional dance style - called 'Cham'. These masks symbolize saints and sages, protective deities and legendary personalities, and therefore often seen placed or painted outside houses in Bhutan to ward off evil spirits and negativity.


Why not combine with similar masks in orange and red for a uniquely decorative look.


Origin: Made In Bhutan

Material: Papier Mache (papier-mâché)

Sustainability: Handmade, Handpainted

Hand-painted Traditional Bhutanese Mask - Blue


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