Origin: Made in Britain

Material: Cobalt Blue Glass 

Colour: Cobalt Blue

Height: 32cm (12.5")


This beautiful blue glass fluted dish, with a wavy edge around its rim, will lighten up any space. It is uniquely designed and handmade, using traditional techniques, by our artisans in Bristol using blue glass. A perfect piece for any home or professional enviroment.


Bristol blue glassware is made using a mixture of cobalt with molten glass, whch gives it a distinctive blue colour. 


No moulds or machines are used in any part of the manufacturing process. Each glasswork is crafted using basic hand tools and traditional technques, making each piece very unique and extraordinary. A legacy item.


Please note: Since the item is handmade, there will always be a slight variation in each piece.


Handmade Bristol Blue Glass Fluted Dish