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Origin: Made in Bhutan

Colour: Beige & Green

Dimensions: 125 x 47cm

Sustainability: Handwoven


This simple, yet elegant stole is handwoven by artisans in the remote Himalayan country of Bhutan. The stole is characterised by traditional patterns and tassels at either ends. Inspired by the natural surroundings, its gentle earthy colour and soft green pattern with Bhutanese motifs complement each other well and provides a sophisticated and unique look.


The handmade stole is lightweight and can even be worn as a hijab or used as a table runner. In Bhutan, such stoles are used to carry babies on women's backs while they work in the fields or go about their chores. 


Makes a unique gift for the sustainably-conscious and a lover of natural, handwoven products.


Handwoven Green Motif Stole

£69.90 Regular Price
£52.43Sale Price
  • The Bhutanese scarf had been handmade in the Himalayan country by talented artisans using heritage skills.

  • The scarf has been handwoven by talented weavers.  Working on back strap looms, weavers use a pick-up technique to create intricate designs. In Bhutan, the weaving of cloth is considered a religious act and the colour selection is often based on religious Buddhist colours.