Origin: Made in Bhutan

Dimensions: 3cm (approx.)

Sustainability: Handcrafted

This stunning handcrafted brooch with inset turquoise are made in Bhutan and known as 'koma'. The brooch is characteristic traditional Bhutanese design that looks unique and beautiful. Embellished with traditional designs and intricate patterns, it conveys unparalleled craftsmanship.


The 'koma' are used to fasten the traditional garment of Bhutanese women (called 'kira'), and worn on either ends of the shoulders.


A timeless and unique piece that can be used to complement a scarf, top or bag, or even add glamour to a coat or hat. Makes an ideal gift idea.   


It fastens with a classic safety-catch pin.  

Handcrafted Traditional Bhutanese Brooch