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This popular blue glass drop pendant necklace is individually handmade by our highly-skilled glassmakers in Bristol using traditional techniques and time honoured practices. Its deep blue colour has been expertly created using fine cobalt oxide with glass. It comes with a delicate 16” sterling silver Marina chain, which gives it an elegant appearance.


These are not mass produced and hence no moulds or machines are used at any point during the process. All the glassware is physically ‘blown’ requiring a lot of skills and years of patience.


There may be slight variation in each piece, including slight variation in colour, but this means that every piece is as unique as you are. Whether you dress up or dress down, it is perfect for any occasion. 


A great choice for anyone you love, including yourself.


Origin: Made in Britain

Materials: Cobalt Blue Glass and Sterling Silver 

Colour: Cobalt Blue

Handmade Bristol Blue Glass Teardrop Pendant

  • The Bristol artisans have been making stunning high-quality glassware and jewellery for over 30 years using time-honoured skills passed down over decades. Our artisans, Peter and James together started this venture back in the late 80s when the traditional English glassmaking techniques were in severe danger of being lost forever. With the aim of reviving a glass-making tradition in Bristol, they were instrumental in re-establishing this legacy art form that had been lost for over 60 years. The company makes some of the finest free-blown glassware in England and train many apprentices to make high quality tableware and jewellery using simple ancient techniques and basic hand tools. Today, they are regarded as the ‘original’ blue glass manufacturers.