Origin: Made in Britain 

Material: Kiln-fused Glass and Copper

Size: 23cm diameter X 5cm height (approx.)


This stunning decorative Gwithian deep round dish has been designed and handmade by one of the world’s most respected fused glass designers in Cornwall, UK. It features a shoal of copper pilchard motifs swimming down the center against a fresh sea green background full of sparkling bubbles. Inspired by the beautiful Cornish coastal seascape, the dish portrays the artisan's unique fusion techniques and abstract designs. A true memento and a perfect gift that will look pretty in any home. 


We have various sizes in this range:

Gwithian Extra Large Deep Bowl

- Gwithian Medium Deep Round Bowl


Please note, as the glass are is handmade, a slight variation in detail may occur to the one shown in the image. Balamuz bowl

Handmade Gwithian Deep Round Bowl - Large

  • Our artisan is one of the world’s most respected fused glass designers. Based in England’s rugged southwestern tip, Cornwall, her work is inspired from the surrounding coastal landscape and seaside. Her advanced fusion techniques allow for the creation of beautiful handmade giftware and statement pieces featuring abstract designs and motifs. Her innovative designs have earned her recognition and numerous commissions for cruise liners, churches, hotels, corporate offices and home alike. So you are taking home a truly unique piece.

  • The dish is packed in a white box.