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Origin: Made in Britain 

Material: Glass

Size: 30cm diameter X 7cm height (approx.)

Sustainability: Handmade


This large deep glass bowl has been uniquely designed and handmade in Dorset. Inspired by the natural aquatic world, it features a unique ammonite that forms the central part of its design. The spiralling ammonite has been intricately applied to the underside of the bowl, leaving a smooth surface on top. Complementing the beautiful design are contrasting shades of aqua colours - lime green, blue and turquoise - which gives it a decorative appeal and presents in different hues under light.


The ammonite glass bowl can be used as a decorative feature on your centre table or mantlepiece, or used as a fruit bowl. Or why not get creative and use it as a bird bath in the garden.


Handmade Ammonite Glass Bowl

  • Artisan Matt has been in the business, making authetic artworks for almost a decade. His inspiration comes from the natural world and its landscape, its varying textures and vibrant colours. He has designed and sold his artworks in some of UK's best galleries and art shows.

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