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Origin: Made in Bharat 

Metal: Gold Plated Brass


Chain circumference

Sustainability: Handmade


Shimmer and shine in this bar chain necklace. The delicate gold plated chain necklace is complemented with tiny bars at intervals.


The accessory can be worn alone or layered with any of your other favourite jewellery pieces. With a versatile length, the fine chain necklace can be worn on any outfit, at the start or end of your neckline. 


A timeless piece of accessory that makes for a simple yet outstanding statement.


Part of the Made In B artisan products  collection. 


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Bar Chain Necklace

  • Handcrafted by artisans in Bharat (India).

  • Always store your jewellery pieces individually, preferably in a soft-lined box so that they don’t rub together, scratch or tangle. Take care to avoid extreme humidity or heat as this may cause tarnishing and de-colouration of the metal. 


    Your jewellery is particularly susceptible to damage from the effects of chemicals present in perfume, hairspray, make-up, nail polish remover, body oils, sun tan lotion and deodorant. All precautions should be taken to avoid direct contact