Origin: Made in Britain

Material: Wood, anti-bacterial, finished with a food grade mineral oil


Large 177.3 - mm x 58mm

Medium 156.7mm x 49mm

Small 136mm 40mm

Sustainability: Eco-friendly, British-made and British-sourced.

Accreditations: Grown in Britain (GiB)


Our cute 'Three Bears' bowl set makes meals ever more exciting for the little angels, be it the morning porridge, the mid-morning snack or the evening dinner. There's one for Baby Bear, Mamma Bear and Daddy Bear, keeping the family meal together.


Created by our artisan couple in Norfolk, the product is made using Beech wood as it is native to the UK and has been used as cooking utensils for many generations. It is designed for both wet and dry food. Please note that due to the nature of wood, the colouring and grain patterns will vary, making each plate unique.


When you buy this product, you can be rest-assured that you have bought a product with an honest provenance and a transparent supply chain. What’s more, you are giving back to society in your own way because the hand-sanding and oiling of the products is undertaken by two Norfolk prisons.


Please be advised that the oil used on this product, may not be suitable for nut allergy sufferers as it may contain almond oil/tung oil/grapeseed oil.


These bowls are also available separately.


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Eco-friendly Wooden Porridge Bowl Set

  • Our artisan couple run this amazing family-business - created out of their concern for the planet. Shocked by the plastics crisis and the damage it created for the environment, the duo took it in their stride to endeavour to replace everyday plastic items with beautifully designed, eco-friendly, British-made and British-sourced wooden products. Their passion for sustainability is genuine and commendable, which is why we love to promote their products and their venture, the Woodlife Project.