Origin: Made in Britain

Pattern: Whitebait

Material: Stoneware Clay


This contemporary mug is handmade in the rugged south coast of the Isle of Wight. Created using fine white stoneware clay, the mug has been individually hand decorated, taking much inspiration from the coastal landscape and its natural habitat. Whether you use it at home or in the office, it's abstract design is sure to be a hit with everyone. 


A perfect item for those with a love of the outdoors and all things natural.


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Neil Tregear

Handmade Whitebait Mug

  • Neil, our artisan, lives in the rugged south coast of the Isle of Wright where he imbibes his inspiration from the beautiful seaside surroundings. He makes a huge range of stoneware pottery – all hand designed and handmade. His passion for porcelain throwing has seen his work appreciated worldwide, winning him many accolades both locally as well as internationally.

  • The image of the item is an accurate representation of the finished product that you will receive. However, please bear in mind that colours may vary when looking at the image on different screens such as your PC and handheld devices, including your tablet and mobile phone, with different screen configurations.