Origin: Made in Bharat  

Material: Cotton   

Dimensions: 240cm X 85cm (approx.)   

Colour:  Light Beige and Black


This cotton scarf with its unique Warli folk art print, inspired by pre-historic cave paintings, has been created by artisans in the Western region of Bharat (India). Depicting the age old art form, it celebrates traditional art and culture in linear pattern and monochromatic hues. The stick-figure block printed designs, traditionally drawn by women on mud walls, depict a colorful social life of tribes in rural India.  


Whether you wear it as a scarf, throw it around your shoulders as a cover up or even use it as sarong for the beach, this scarf can effortlessly elevate your style. Versatile and extra large, it is an exclusive piece to have.  Perfect as presents for Birthdays and Mothers Day too. 


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Please note, there may be slight variations in colour and design, which are an inherent and authentic feature of any handmade product.


Warli Cotton Scarf - Black

  • The Warli art form are kept alive by the Warli tribal men. With growing demand, the male artists have adapted the art to evolve from restricted ritual drawings on mud walled huts to create artwork on paper and canvas to help supplement their income. These are then transferred to fabrics to create beautiful homeware and clothing. These scarves have been made by artisans using artwork created by these tribal men.