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Origin: Made in Britain

Quantity: 1 seedball with approx 100 wild flowers

Sustainability: Earth friendly, eco-friendly, part of Maya conservation project


If you are looking for a perfect gift for a teacher, neighbour, office colleague or acquaintance, then this is exactly what you need - a "Grow your own garden" lovely ceramic seed pot handcrafted in Yorkshire. Featuring colourful British flowers, it comes with a bag of compost and 1 seedball, which forms part of the Maya conservation project.  Each seedball contains 100 flowers and when fully grown makes a pretty picture on a windowsill or desk. When ready, simply add the seedballs to the compost, add water and watch them grow beautifully.


Refill the world with pollinators and help the bees and butterflies.


Great ideas for Christmas and birthday presents and send-off gifts.

The Flower Girl Seed Pot

  • Our Yorkshire artisan designer, Julie, works from her narrowboat called CalamityJane. She gets her inspiration from the traditions of canal boat heritage. Her design and style combines traditional patterns and a festival of colourful flowers evoked from her simple abode and lifestyle on her narrowboat.


    Julie uses very traditional techniques to create her designs, using only three colours and one brush. Her designs are a familiar sight on products of leading and familiar British and European brands.

  • The ceramic pots are handcrafted in Yorkshire and are eco-friendly.

    The makers of this product are working exclusively with the fabulous 'Seedball' company, a non-profit company that are on a huge conservation mission to increase British wildflowers and wildlife that depend upon them. through their Maya Project launched in 2011, Seedball project aims to help increase UK urban wildflower and pollinator abundance.

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