Origin: Made in Britain

Chocolate origin: Colombia

Weight: 80g

Size: 15.5cm X 7.5cm (approx.)

Chocolate level: 61% Dark Chocolate

Suitable for: Vegan & Vegetarian

Certification: Gluten Free

Sustainability: Palm Oil Free

Artwork: Rachael Hood 


Our exotic passion fruit flavoured chocolate has been created lovingly by our artisan in Scotland using sustainably sourced cocoa from Colombia. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, it is fully traceable back to the plantation. It is also palm oil and gluten-free.


The artisan's passion for art is as strong as their love of chocolate, transforming each of their products into miniature artworks. So it looks as amazing as it tastes.


The artwork on this premium chocolate wrapping is the creativity of Rachael Hood, an Edinburgh-based emerging independent artist whose work is inspired from cultural, geographic and socio-economic influences. 


Perfect for gifting or simply treat yourself to this premium chocolate with its unique flavour that delivers extraordinary experiences.

Passion Fruit Premium Chocolate

  • Established in 2004 and headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, our artisan, Calum Haggerty was a firefighter before he became owner of this fascinating venture in 2013. Today he has transformed the business into a successful lifestyle brand sought by customers in over 20 countries. Where our artisan is different is that he understands the importance of helping those in developing countries. He works with his chocolate partners at origin, Colombia, to ensure that they are fairly paid and treated. The profits from his business not only help provide jobs for the locals in Edinburgh, but also contributes to making life better for the farmers and their workers in Colombia.