Origin: Made in Bhutan

Colours: Magenta

Dimensions: 204 X 25.5cm (approx.)

Sustainability: 100% Handmade, Handwoven, Eco-material


This lightweight, unisex Handwoven Woollen Scarf has been made in Bhutan.  Created from a blend of sustainable wool yarn, the scarf is ideal for cool climates. Made on a traditional back strap loom, It is characterised by a weft pattern  and complete with a long fringe at either ends. 


The scarf's beautiful hues of blue and unique weave adds a sophisticated note to your look. It's  sizeable length and width will keep you well wrapped up in comfort and style.


A smart fashion accessory that is sure tovbecome a favourite for years to come and add interest to your look. A  perfect gift for lovers of handmade and sustainable products. Suitable for men and women.


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Handwoven Woollen Scarf​​​​​​​ - Blue

  • The Bhutanese scarf had been handmade in the Himalayan country of Bhutan by talented women weavers using heritage skills.

  • The scarf has been handwoven by weavers on back strap looms. The sustainably-sourced yarns are often dyed at home using onion skin, madder, walnut skin and rhododendron flowers.