Origin: Made in Bharat  

Material: 100% Silk 

Dimensions: 180cm X 55cm (approx.)   

Colour:  Shades of grey, black and silver

Weight: 70gms (approx.)


A luxurious find from the exotic Indian continent, this gorgeous Raw Silk Scarf has been traditionally handmade from the finest raw silk yarn by our artisans in North India. Soft and lightweight, each scarf is made from 100% natural silk and is individually handspun and handwoven by skilled weavers. It features a distinct striped design in captivating shades of grey, black and silver, finished with a delicate fringe.


The scarves make a graceful and unique accessory to have all year long. Timeless and practical, it can also be used as a stole or wrap.


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Handwoven Raw Silk Scarf - Silver

  • This beautiful scarf or stole has been handwoven by artisans in India. The artisans are part of a co-operative in semi rural area of North India. The co-operative was initiated in 1977 and is structured on a cottage industry basis. Most of the community in this area is involved in the scarf-making process – either weaving on looms, dying, tasselling, stitching, etc.


    We source these scarves from a BAFTS registered and a recognised Fairtrade business in the UK. Chris’ story fascinated us as his passion for India began on his visit to a meditation center in Tamil Nadu, South India. Chris has been working with this co-operative movement since 2007 and more than anything shares a close bond and relationship with the people that goes beyond business deals, which is why we love to source from Chris as his values align with ours.