Origin: Made in Bhutan

Colours: Multi-colour

Dimensions: 98 (L) X 56 (W) cm (approx.) 

Material: Vegetable dyed silk on cotton

Sustainability: 100% Handmade, Handwoven, Eco-material


This beautiful vibrant, lightweight silk scarf on cotton has been designed and handwoven in Bhutan.  Featuring a quintessential Bhutanese design, it is characterised by a colourful vertical pattern with motifs and finished with tassels at either ends. 


The scarf has been handwoven on a traditional back strap loom, and intricately handmade using traditional skills passed down from one generation to another. A time-consuming process, it can take days to create this unique Bhutanese pattern.


The scarf can be worn as a stole or even a head scarf. Looks sophisticated and unique no matter what you wear it with.


Makes a unique gift for the sustainably-conscious and a lover of natural, handwoven products.


Handwoven Multicolour Silk Scarf​​​​​​​

  • The Bhutanese scarf had been handmade in the Himalayan country by talented women artisans using heritage skills.

  • The scarf has been handwoven by talented weavers.  Working on back strap looms, weavers use a pick-up technique to create intricate designs.


    This product is handwoven using Indian cotton and vegetable dyed silk yarn. The yarns are often dyed at home using onion skin, madder, walnut skin and rhododendron flowers.