Origin: Made In Bharat

Dimensions: 52x32x65cm (approx.)

Materials: Mango Wood 

Sustainability: Handmade, Handcarved, Hand-painted 

Dispatch Time: 2-10 days


This compact 4-Drawer Bedside Cabinet has been hand carved by our artisans in Bharat (India). The cabinet features intricately hand painted florals throughout and has discreet gold pull knobs on each drawers. Predominantly made from sustainable mango wood, sourced from carefully managed plantations, it is an ideal size for a bedside and offers ample storage space thanks to its four drawers. An extraordinary and unique creation for the sustainably minded.


Hand Painted Bedside Cabinet

  • This item will be delivered on a pallet.

  • This product has been painstakingly hand-carved by our artisans using sustainable mango wood. 


    Mango trees have an extremely long life but eventually do stop bearing fruit and are replaced by younger trees. As India produces, by far, the most mangoes in the world, it results in a massive production of mango wood. When the tree is felled after it stops bearing fruit, instead of discarding the wood, it is used by artisans to make various items for home such as furniture, decorative items and kitchenware. This item is made using one of such sustainably sourced wood.