Origin: Made in Bharat (India)
Material: Mango Wood
Size: 40 x 1.5 x 9 cm (approx.)
Sustainability: Handmade, sustainable wood


This sustainable, eco-friendly wall hook has been handcrafted by artisans in Bharat (India). Encompassing five sturdy black cast iron hooks, the ornamental wooden wall plaque features skilfully carved Aztec design.

The hook has been made with care and attention to detail and design by artisans in Saharanpur, Bharat (India), an area well known for wood carving and mango production. It defines the organic texture of the locally sourced mango wood with natural tones contributing to the character and depth in each piece. Celebrating the best of traditional craftsmanship, these items illustrate exquisite skill and incredible attention to detail.

A practical and versatile hanger that you may mount anywhere and hang all kinds of items on it - from umbrellas, caps/hats and coats to backpacks, keys, towels, dog leash, and bags. It can be used in the entryway/hallways, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, kids room, living room, office, nursery, garage, cloakrooms, changing facilities, door backs, reception areas, to name but a few.

An attractive and ideal statement piece for your home. Makes a great gift idea as well.

By purchasing this item that celebrates traditional craftsmanship, you will be contributing to the preservation of traditional skills and indigenous cultural heritage.

Aztec Design Hand Carved Wall Hook

  • This eco-friendly wood work has been handcrafted by artisans in Saharanpur, a region in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, Bharat (India). Saharanpur, is an area well known for wood carving and its perforated lacy craft and mango production. The artisans are helping keep this craft alive by using sustainable mango wood - which otherwise would be burnt and discarded - to create contemporary products using traditional heritage skills passed down from generations.